Charles M. DeArmey (4/19/1887 - 7/15/1953)

Charles M. DeArmey was a son of Joseph B. DeArmey and Katie Livingston. He married Susan Lavinia Reesey (9/2/1887 - 5/8/1971) and had four children:

Obituaries for Charles, Susan and Frank from the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat

Charles is listed in the 1920 Census for Pensylvania, Cambria County, Johnstown, Ward 8, Supervisor's District 20 Enumeration District 179, Sheet 24 A, lines 11-15.

According to this census entry, Charles (31), lived with his wife "Suie" (31), daughter Gertrude (9), daughter Marjory (8) and son Frank (5) at 84 Elder Street. Charles's occupation is listed as a roller at the steel mill

The 1920 census reflects data as of January 1920, and it indicates that Charles was 31. This implies that he was borm in 1888 instead of 1887, but Charles' obituary and his father Joseph's Civil War pension file list Charles' date of birth as April 19, 1887