James DeArmey (1840 - 12/14/1930)

Jmes DeArmey was the son of Peter DeArmey and Mary Ben

The only information found so far on James was in the Civil War pension file for his brother Alfred DeArmey. When Alfred died in 1919, James submitted an affidavit to help Alfred's wife Caroline (Kreiter) DeArmey prove that Alfred's first wife, Emma (Fox) DeArmey died in 1871, and therefore Caroline was entitled to widow's benefits. Here is a transcript of this affidavit:

  In the matter of the pension claim of Caroline DeArmey, No. 1147674.
State of Washington, County of Pierce,ss;
    On this 6th day of December 1919, personally appeared before
me, a Notary Public within and for the County and State aforesaid
Jmaes DeArmey aged 78 years, whose post-office address is #1710 North
9" Street, Tacoma, Washington, who, being duly sworn according to law declares
in relation to the aforesaid claim as follows:
        That he is the brother of Alfred DeArmey, deceased husband of
Caroline DeArmey, and that because of this close relationship  he knows
that Emma Fox DeArmey, the first wife of said Alfred DeArmey, died in the 
year 1871 and that after the death of said Emma Fox DeArmey said Alfred
DeArmey married Caroline Krieter said Caroline Krieter DeArmey being
said Alfred DeArmey's second wife.
                                          James DEArmey   
                                          Affiant's Signature

This is James' signature on the affidavit