McClellan DeArmey (28 June 1883 - 27 May 1963)

McClellan DeArmey was one of seven sons of Joseph B. DeArmey and Catherine (Katie) Ann Livingston. He married Mary Bossick (1891 - 2/17/1959) and had four sons:

McClellan and Mary last lived at 407 Somerset Ave, Windber PA, and the house remained in the family until the death of Clarence in 1976

In the 1910 census, McClellan and Mary are listed in Pennsylvania, Somerset County, Paint Township (part of) No. 3, Supervisor's District 22, Enumeration District 152, Sheet 16B, lines 53 and 54, dated 23-26 April 1910. According to this census record, McClellan (26) and Mary (21) had been married less than one year. They lived in a rented house and McClellan worked as a coal miner.

In the 1920 census, McClellan, Mary and their four children are listed in Pennsylvania, Somerset County, Paint Township, Enumeration District 157, Sheet 17 A/B, lines 18 - 23, dated 16 March 1920. In this record, they also had a boarder named R. Hoover.

The 1910 census lists Mary's parents' birthplaces as "Polish" and "German" and the 1920 census lists their birthplaces both as "East Prussia".

Mary (Bossick) DeArmey's obituary indicates that her parents were Thomas and Regina Bossick. Regina Bossick is listed in the 1920 census for Paint township, with three children: William, Eva, and Adam. According to this census, Thomas and Regina were both born in East Prussia

McClellan, Mary, all four of their sons, and both of their daughters-in-law are buried in Richland Cemetery, on Scalp Avenue, Richland Township, Johnstown PA,