McClellan DeArmey (1862 - 2/2/1923)

McClellan was the son of Peter DeArmey and Mary Ben (or Benn). He lived in Clay County , Indiana in the early 1900's and died in Chicago, IL on 2/2/1923.

McClellan Married Ida Thomas on 12/25/1883 or 12/25/1884 in Clay County, IN, According to McClellan's obituary, they had the following children:

While in Indiana, he worked as a coal miner. In 1913, he was apparently injured in the mine and sued the Domestic Block Coal Company, and was awarded $3000. The coal company unsuccessfully appealed the settlement, and this appeal is in the Lexis databse as reference 179 Ind. 592, 606, 100 N. E. 675 or 179 Ind. 592, 100 N.E. 675, 102 N.E. 99. The basis for the lawsuit was that some material fell from the ceiling and injured McClellan, and the mine foreman knew for some time that the ceiling in the room was unstable yet failed to take action or warn the mine workers.

In the veteran's pension file for McClellan's brother Alfred, there is an affidavit provided by McClellan to help prove that Alfred's first wife was dead, and therefore Alfred's second wife Caroline was entitled to widow's benefits. In this affidavit dated 12/4/1919, McClellan is listed as being 55 years old, living at 1726 Leland avenue, Ravenwood, Chicago Illinois. It also states that "He also declares that he has in his posession the old family Bible" and that McClellan lived with Alfred in Indiana for a number of years.

Here is McClellan's signature on that affidavit, which clearly shows the spelling of the last name as "DeArmey":

In a letter from Fred K. DeArmey (Alfred's son) to W.F. DeArmey (Joseph's son) from 4/16/1924, Fred says "Uncle Mack DeArmey died about a year ago. He lived in Chicago, had been living there about ten years before he died. He had three children, one girl and two boys. One boy the youngest, lost his leg in the world war."

An index to Califonia deaths lists the following:
DEARMIE CARL MALE born 24 Mar 1892 in Indiana died 29 Dec 1953 in LOS ANGELES, SSN 562059886
DEARMIE IDA FEMALE born3 Feb 1865 in Indiana, died 16 Jun 1950 in LOS ANGELES
DEARMIE JOHN MAX MALE born 31 Aug 1885 in Illinois, died 11 Aug 1959 in NEVADA SSN 559050083
According to at the Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo County, California, there is
"Dearmie, John M, b. 08/31/1885, d. 08/11/1959, SFC 9 CO T C, Plot: 2B1 118, bur. 08/20/1959"

Index of Indiana births includes John DEARME, born 31 August 1887 to McClelland and Ida