Joseph's Family Photo

These are a photographs of Joseph and Katie's family from about 1914. Click on one of the group photos to see a larger version of that photo, or move your mouse over one of the links in the list below to view a closeup of that person.
I think I can identify most of the people, but please let me know if you can either confirm or contradict what I have here.

Twenty DeArmeys 1200 x 621 (221 KB)
    1. Joseph DeArmey
    2. Katie (Livingston) DeArmey
    3. McClellan (Max) DeArmey
      4. Mary (Bossick) DeArmey (McClellan's wife)
      5. Charles C. DeArmey (son of McClellan and Mary)
      6. Francis T. DeArmey (son of McClellan and Mary)
    7. Charles M. DeArmey
      8. Susan (Reesey) DeArmey (Charles's wife)
      9. Gertrude DeArmey (daughter of Charles and Susan)
      10 Marjorie DeArmey (daughter of Charles and Susan)
      11. Frank DeArmey (son of Charles and Susan)
    16. Michael (Foley) DeArmey
    14. Rachel (DeArmey) Wendel
      15. Winters Wendel (husband of Rachel)
    12. Harry DeArmey
      13. Eva (Varner) DeArmey (wife of Harry)
    17. Ruth DeArmey
    18. Dewey DeArmey
    19. Robert DeArmey
    20. Walter DeArmey

Other photos from the same day
Joseph, Katie, and
their nine children

1200 x 805
(178 KB)

The nine children
1600 x 1270
(360 KB)

Joseph and Katie
1200 x 1350
(208 KB)