Shadow is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Ridgebacks were originally bred in Africa to protect homesteads and were also used in packs to hunt lions and other big game. The pictures below were taken when he was about nine weeks old. The marking on his back is a ridge of hair that grows forward and is the source of the breed name.

Here are links to two animated pictures showing his growth so far, starting at about 9 weeks. These pictures are animations made from preiodic pictures of John holding Shadow at different times. (6'3" John provides a size reference) The first (374 KB) has John about the same size while Shadow grows. The second (419 KB) has Shadow about the same size, and John is scaled accordingly.In the first picture of each, Shadow weighed 8 pounds. On 7/27/2001, at seven months, he weighed 82 pounds

Shadow is our second ridgeback. Here is a photo of an adult ridgeback.

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